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Sponsorship Program

Telco companies are invited to contribute to the success of the Symposium by joining the NOMS 2002 Sponsorship Program, which will reinforce their global visibility and give them the opportunity of reaching potential customers and decision makers worldwide.

Three sponsoring levels are available:

  • Platinum Patrons (Euros 15.000) are entitled to an exhibit space (6 sq. m standard booth unit), a general session address; company name and sponsor level displayed on www, on signage at the Symposium and in the Advance and Final Program, one page ad on the Advance and Final Program, 20 complimentary exhibit passes, 2 Symposium passes, 2 copies of Proceedings and attendees mailing list on disk.
  • Gold Patrons (Euros 7.500) are entitled to a presentation table (cm. 70 x 120), company name and sponsor level displayed on www, on signage at the Symposium and in the Advance and Final Program, half page ad on Advance and Final Program, 10 complimentary exhibit passes, 1 Symposium pass, 1 copy of Proceedings and attendees mailing list on disk.
  • Silver Patrons (Euros 3.500) are entitled to company name and sponsor level displayed on www, on signage at the Symposium and in the Advance and Final Program, 5 complimentary exhibit passes, 1 Sym-posium pass, 1 copy of Proceedings and attendees mailing list on disk.

In addition, there are opportunities to support single social events and/or materials for the Symposium.


Besides the technical sessions, the Symposium offers vendors the opportunity to demonstrate their network and systems management products to leaders and innovators from around the world in a demo/exhibition area, equipped with standard booth units with the following specifications:

  • Size: 2,00 m by 3,00 m, back and side walls 2,50 m high
  • one table (cm 70 x 120)
  • two chairs
  • a.c. socket 220 V, 50 Hz
The exhibition fee is Euros 2.800 for one standard booth for the entire Symposium time and includes the provision of lunch, morning and afternoon refreshments for one exhibitor only.
The demo/exhibition area will be located on the Second Floor of the Centro Affari, where poster presentations, Internet Room and meeting rooms will be set up. The exhibition will be open during the Symposium hours.
Booking of standard booth unit can be made using the Registration Form (see Section #5). Deadline for booking: 15 March 2002
For further information please contact:
Clotilde Canepa Fertini
Istituto Internazionale delle Comunicazioni
phone: +39 010 2722383
fax: + 39 010 2722183

TeleManagement Forum
Information Innovation Leadership

Fine Grain NGOSSTM Powered Catalyst Project
Fine Grain is an NGOSS implementation that seeks to adapt state-of-the-art concepts from distributed computing and policy management to build a global application infrastructure suitable for delivering operation support systems for Next Generation Networks.

Fine Grain NGOSS distributes intelligence within all component parts of the network and emphasizes micro-workflows and behaviorist paradigms (event-cause-response) using Jini and other technologies.

New Generation Operations Systems and Software (NGOSSTM) is a TeleManagement Forum program that is delivering a framework for producing a new breed of OSS/BSS solutions, a repository of documentation, models and code to support these developments. The goal of NGOSS is to facilitate the rapid development of flexible, low cost of ownership, OSS/BSS solutions to meet the business needs of the internet enabled industry.

Catalyst Projects
Catalyst Projects offer companies a way of working together in a "living lab" environment to validate ideas. Catalyst projects provide a window into the future by showing what happens when real and prototyped products are linked together in an implementation scenario.

About the TeleManagement Forum
Since 1988, the TeleManagement Forum has provided successful real world answers to pressing OSS integration issues. Forum members collaboratively identify, create, develop, and implement common solutions that automate and streamline business, network and service operations for the global communications industry.

The Value of Membership
With the telecom industry facing a 'profitability crisis' it's more important than ever that companies make wise investments in OSS technologies. Within the TeleManagement Forum, industry leaders from the entire value chain tackle issues that they could not address as cost-effectively or comprehensively on their own.

Come and see the new Generation of OSS taking shape at the TeleManagement Forum's booth


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